7 fascinating facts that you will most likely find difficult to believe.

1. Prince Charles drives a wine-fueled car!

Prince Charles, dressed in a brown overcoat, standing beside his Aston Martin.

2. You are dead before you see it coming!

An army sniper rifle.

3. Which color is a polar bear? White, right? Unfortunately science and reality seem to think differently.

Red bear at sunset.
A polar bear without fur.

4. A world record holder, the Champawat tigress owns the highest human death toll ever recorded in history.

The Champawat tigress, originating from Nepal, killed more people than thirty years of snakes, tigers and bears altogether.

The Champawat Tigress and a photo of Jim Corbett, the man who killed it.

5. Mike was headless yet lived for one entire year and some months.

Mike (April 20, 1945 — March 17, 1947)

6. Why did pirates wear eye patches? Definitely not to cover a missing or wounded eye.

7. Have a taste of garlic without getting it close to your mouth.



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